"Love yourself enough to be healthy"

Health and Fitness should not be a luxury, so let's give everyone the power to have it.  It is a basic right.

Our focus is simple: provide you with the toolkit necessary to live long, healthy lives.

This is how we do that:

(1) Children – the focus is to encourage schools to provide the means of

maintaining adequate fitness for students, while also increasing attention spans and

thus, school performance.  Children classes will focus on play, "being good at PE class,"and tips to overcome those jitters during the school day.

(2) Workplace Wellness – "what do you do" is perhaps the most commonly-asked question the world-over.  People can be defined by their jobs and therefore, we believe that the workplace is the best place to start for many adults in learning about how to live a healthy life.  Learn more!

(3) Fitness – we believe in functional fitness as an essential training tool.  These sessions are led by highly-qualified coaches who have years of experience in this field, including NASM personal trainers, CrossFit credential holders, WMC Certified Muay Thai Instructors, Yoga Teacher's Certificate Holders, Professional Dance Instructors, Movement specialists, and much much more.  We have partnered with some amazing facilities in Hong Kong located in Wang Chuk Hang and Chai Wan, with another location in Tsuen Wan coming soon.  In January, we will also be opening in Kennedy Town.

(4) Wellness – the healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit.  Healthy eating is the foundation to a healthy body, fitness enables us to keep moving.  But it's wellness that enables us to live long, meaningful lives.  We hold special sessions on mindfulness, breathing, thinking, positive attitudes, confidence, meditation, Chinese Medicine, and much more.  After all, you can't live a healthy life with a negative mind.

(5) Education – the fundamental goal of The Keep Moving Project is to give everyone the toolkit necessary to make the most of themselves and therefore, their lives.  We offer education via seminars held at our partner facilities, as well as on-location with those who request it.  Additionally, we offer a "knowledge" section on our website that offers viewpoints with cited sources (not opinions) to help you bypass the misinformation found on the internet.  We do not accept sponsored material and any brand recommendation in the articles has been used by us.

Our Pricing

Fitness: Pricing is dependent on your personal income.  If you are unable to pay, your sessions are free.  If you can afford to pay, you not only pay for services that would cost over $3000 in other facilities, but you also help support those in need and join the most powerful fitness partnership in Hong Kong.  Since we run this as a non-profit, our overhead is low, enabling the largest reach of people possible.

We also use the funding raised through our Workplace Wellness services to further fund our outreach activities.

All other services are free.  Please contact us for enquries.

Contact Us for a Trial Class.  We will discuss the packages that are right for you.  And better still, all packages are month-to-month, meaning you have no contract and will not be paying for services you never use.


G/F Nam Hung Mansion

22 Praya

Kennedy Town, Hong Kong​​​


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