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5 Mar 2017

We've all seen it and most likely have all done it.  We're sitting at our desks, hunched over the computer only to realize we're in a horrible ergonomic position.  Then we lift our chest forward, head up and back to a good position, right?  Not necessarily....

27 Feb 2017

Dr. Kelly Starrett, author of Supple Leopard and Deskbound, has had a huge influence on the lives of both my wife and I.  In some ways, he is also the inspiration of The Keep Moving Project.  He and his wife have created Stand Up Kids, a charity in San Francisco,...

13 Feb 2017

Walking is so natural that we learn it without even being taught.  However, beginning about age 8, we all start to “naturally” walk incorrectly.  Why do we think this is?  Mark Sisson comments in The Definitive Guide to Walking that “walking is no longer nece...

30 Jan 2017

Air pollution in Hong Kong is one of the biggest issues facing the city. When we breathe in dirty air, the air pollution dives deep into our lungs, significantly increasing the likelihood of damage to the respiratory tract. A publication by Physicians for Social Respon...

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