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27 Jul 2017

A Whole Food is a "plant food that are unprocessed and unrefined, or processed and refined as little as possible, before being consumed."  Nutrition MD provides the following benefits of whole foods, as opposed to processed foods:

  • Whole foods are rich in phytoc...

13 Jul 2017

Reading food labels is complicated enough.  Now, we have "organic," "all natural," and even phrases like "paleo" have arrived on our labels.  What do these all mean?

This week, we are sharing a post from The Help  This well-written, unbiased explanation...

6 Jul 2017

Today, we are sharing an article posted by one of the best wellness groups in Asia, Chōsen. Their expert nutritionist, Elisa Haggarty, has developed a short and sweet list of brain foods and activities that we all need to make sure to get enough of.

Check out the link b...

23 Jun 2017

We've all seen in the news this past week how the once mighty coconut oil has been blasted as a fraud and is actually horrible for you.  We've been wanted to put some water on this flame, but have seen some very well-written posts by experts in the field.  This week, w...

23 Apr 2017

Summertime is around the corner, which means beach parties, traveling and increased sunlight time. For many, it's also time to bring out the sunscreen, covering up your skin, and umbrellas everywhere (where's the rain?).  Many people throughout Asia as very concerned w...

20 Feb 2017

Hippocrates — the ancient Greek father of medicine — once said that “all diseases begin in the gut.”

We all love to eat dessert.  Some of us also eat too much sugar, or products with artificial sweeteners, throughout the day.  All of this sugar could lead to irrita...

6 Feb 2017

The most important nutrient in our bodies is water.  "The quality of your tissues, their performance, and their resistance to injury, is absolutely dependent on the quality and

quantity of the water you drink" states Dr. Michael Colgan in Optimum Sports Nutrition (c) 19...

This article is co-authored with Ash Booth, the founder of Reebok CrossFit Asphodel (Hong Kong's first CrossFit gym).  In addition to be one of the best athletes in Hong Kong, Ash holds some pretty diverse and impressive qualifications:

  • BSc (Hons) Sports S...

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