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13 Apr 2017

I know what you're thinking: "I don't like cold" or "It's painful to touch cold water."  All of the complaints about cold water are true - it's a horrible feeling!  Well, at first it is.  Adding a simple 5-10 minute ICE COLD SHOWER to the start of your day has so many...

9 Apr 2017

Breathing is the simplest, most automatic process our bodies perform every day.  On average, we breath about 20,000 times per day!  It's also the most important process given that if we do not do it, we will die very quickly.  The amount of oxygen inhaled influences th...

30 Jan 2017

Air pollution in Hong Kong is one of the biggest issues facing the city. When we breathe in dirty air, the air pollution dives deep into our lungs, significantly increasing the likelihood of damage to the respiratory tract. A publication by Physicians for Social Respon...

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