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January 19, 2018

August 3, 2017

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Am I Active?

August 3, 2017

"I wake up every morning at 7am, head to work by 9am, am in the office until 7pm and squeeze in 1hr at the gym after, dinner by 9pm and in bed around 11pm.  Definitely busy, I take the MTR to work and make sure to get that workout 4 days a week.  Am I Active?"


 From appearances, it seems so.  Or does it?  How much of that 10 hour work day is sitting down?  What is your natural reaction when you get home - want to immediately sit down?  What about on the MTR - do you sit or stand?  Are you capable of standing up the entire work day (not saying that you have to, but can you if you needed to)?  Do you lose your breath after walking up a short flight of stairs (let's say 3 floors)?  Do you walk with purpose, or are you staring down at your phone or the newspaper during your commute?


Did you know that sitting down for a majority of the work day will completely offset any benefit from exercise?  Just as you can't exercise away the impacts of smoking, nor can you exercise away the impacts of prolonged sitting (see KMP article on sitting).  This doesn't mean that you need to stand up every single minute and of course, any medical conditions need to be considered.  But all of that said, inactivity is rated by the World Health Organization as the 4th biggest preventable killer globally.

Regardless of your lifestyle and fitness level, you should make an effort to move more.  Just because your activity tracker says you've achieved your goal for steps today, don't fall on the couch and stay still for the rest of the day.  With this being such a crisis throughout the world, we should all make an effort and encourage each other to keep moving.

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