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January 19, 2018

August 3, 2017

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Standing Desk Designathon Launch

November 6, 2017

Standing Desk campaign launches to support standing desks across all Hong Kong communities.



Keep Moving Project, along with MakerBay, launched their first campaign to raise awareness on the importance of daily activity and the health risks of too much sitting on November 4.  Why standing desks?  Cris O'Brien, founder of the Keep Moving Project, explains that we ​

​now know that prolonged sitting can lead to some serious health risks - to the point that Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic states that "SITTING EQUATES TO SMOKING," because prolonged sitting will shorten your life, just like smoking. Sitting as little as 2 hrs continuously, increases risk for: Heart Disease Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome Cancer Back & Neck Pain And Other Orthopedic Problems.  But standing alone isn't the solution, since bad posture also has its own health hazards.  Standing desks are easy to use, help you focus, and also prevent many common posture issues.  The only issue with the desks on the market is that they can be expensive or too 

large for many Hong Kong homes and schools.


"Our goal with this campaign is to support the design expertise in Hong Kong to develop a standing desk to meet the needs of Hong Kong."



The designathon will see 15 teams of designers showcase their desks at PMQ during the deTour period, followed by Nan Fung Tower and TKO Plaza in the week just prior to Christmas.  During the roadshow, the desks are open to public voting to help decide which desk will go into production.deTour timeFive semi-finalists will be selected for a road show at PMQ around the From Nov 4 until Dec 2, 15 design teams, ranging from secondary school students to award-winning designers, have come together to tackle this challenge.  With the input of experts in design, furniture, manufacturing, business, posture, physiotherapy, and healthy homes, the designers will have four weeks to develop a prototype and business plan. 


Follow Keep Moving Project Standing Desk Designation page to keep up-to-date with the events.


"Funding used from the sales of the desks will go to support our mission of putting a desk in a school, community center, or home of those who cannot afford.  The goal of this campaign is to support the design expertise in Hong Kong to develop a standing desk to meet the needs of Hong Kong," says Cris.

The weekend kicked off with Professor Eric Yim, Chairman of the Hong Kong Design Centre,  sharing his experience in furniture design and ergonomics.  Cindy Kan, founder of Honed Limited, provided practical business advice, focusing on the requirements of manufacturing the desk.


Dr. Kieran Rogers, a Doctor of Physiotherapy, explained the benefits of movement during the day and more specifically, how to move well while also working at a desk.  For example, using a small stool to set your foot on will allow for you to shift your weight around while also keeping focus on your work.  Christopher Watts, founder of Motion Dynamics and Asia's pioneer in therapeutic stretching, shared his insights on how to stand at a desk properly (along with a book signing for his latest book).  Cesar Harada, founder of MakerBay, also took the designers through a design thinking workshop. 

"Many of the standing desks available in the market are not suitable for Hong Kong homes or schools.  With the facilities and experts of MakerBay and the Keep Moving Project, we will have a standing desk truly designed for Hong Kong," says Cesar Harada, Founder of MakerBay.  This is especially true for those living in poorer conditions.  To understand this, the entire team visited SoCO to understand the needs of adults and children living in subdivided flats and in particular, the need for multi-functional furniture in both the home and the community centers used by the children for studying.


SoCO will be among the first of the beneficiaries of the "buy one, give one" program, alongside the Christian Zheng Sheng College, founded by Chan Siu Cheuk (Alman Chan) with the aim to correct problematic students with drug addiction and other problems using life education.




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