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January 19, 2018

August 3, 2017

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Standing Desk Semi-Finalists Announced

December 2, 2017


On 02 December, our partners at MakerBay helped us to host the first ever Standing Desk Designation.  Hong Kong has taken the goal to become a center for innovation.  “From my understanding, not only is a project like what we’re about to embark on the first in Hong Kong, but actually it’s the first in the world,” says Cris O’Brien, founder of the Keep Moving Project.  “It was by no means the intention of this project, but at the same time really cool that we have been able to make a small step in the direction of this goal.”

14 teams have spent the last month designing a standing desk specific to the needs of Hong Kong people, offices, homes, and schools.  Our judging panel has selected 5 semi-finalists to have their desks prototypes to be put on display and open to public voting:


8-10 December: PMQ, Central

11-14 December: Nan Fung Tower, Sheung Wan

15-22 December: TKO plaza, Tseung Kwan O


Both professionals and students participated, with all of the designs being innovative superstars in their own rite.  Only fractions of points made the difference from the top 5 and the other designs - a huge compliment to everyone who participated. Vanessa Cheung, co-founder of the Keep Moving Project, says “it is so exciting to see so many amazing ideas from such a wide range of people.  There was so much thought put into every design.”  It was also great to see that every design not only considered the needs of posture and usability, but also the current and future use of materials - many will have no waste with the component parts able to break down and be reused.


Meet the semi-finalists:


Ben Lau - IT Consultant


A simple idea and so inexpensive that virtually anyone can afford it.  His ideal retail price will be less than $100 HKD for this “desk topper” concept that folds up into an easy-to-store or travel design.


Thomas & Isca - Professional Designers 


This desk is made entirely of cardboard, yet durable enough to be used for at least a year.  The desk can be used as a traditional seated desk, then flipped on it’s side to be used as a standing desk.



Potter - HKDI Student

We have all seen the treadmill desk, but we have not seen a treadmill desk that uses the treadmill itself as the base for the desk.  The treadmill is also self-operated, meaning there is no electric component and can be used as a foot rest when desired.  The desk top itself takes advantage of a historical design, adapted to meet the demands of the modern world.


Sammy & Francis - Architects

The concept comes from the traditional Chinese lantern and instead of relying on floor space, the desk is suspended from the ceiling.  Besides the “wow factor,” this desk has the benefit of creating an element of privacy - think of it as a healthy cubicle.


Utt & Michael - HKU Space Student

Taking advantage of geometric benefit of the hexagon, this desk works similar to the collapsable cup.  It is adjustable to essentially anyone in the house or school, can be combined together with other desks to make a larger working area, and can be customizable to meet the needs of almost any age.



We also awarded prizes for the best student-designed desk and the most kid-friendly desk.  Potter won the prize for best student-designed and Apple Mandap, from Raffles Design Institute Hong Kong, won the most kid-friendly desk.

Apple’s design was perhaps the most family-friendly desk as well.  She considered an option for a small Hong Kong flat that can be used by the entire family, at the same time.


A special thanks to our judges:


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G/F Nam Hung Mansion

22 Praya

Kennedy Town, Hong Kong​​​